About Us

About Us

Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism, is a non-partisan, independent, grassroots community group created to act as a watchdog, holding accountable community leaders on progress to mitigate personal, structural, and institutional racism in Pittsford.

Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism was formed in response to ongoing incidents of racism in the Pittsford community and schools. We as one parent community, stand wholeheartedly with our black families and families of color, who expressed the pain and impact of explicit and institutional racism before the Pittsford Central School District Board of Education and Superintendent. This is a rally cry for our entire community - families, students, teachers, staff, and administrators - to demand that civil rights be upheld for every child in this District, and to ensure equitable, hate-free, culturally responsive schools for all.

Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism is focused on racism because of its complexity, and its pervasiveness in the Monroe County region and the need for education required to move people, structures, and institutions toward greater understanding and action. In no way does this mean that members consider other types of bigotry and non-acceptance of any less importance. Indeed, all forms of bigotry are not acceptable and need to be addressed by our community. Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism will stand with other parent groups in advocating that all forms of marginalization need to be dealt with sincerity and equity by the our schools, government and society. We celebrate Pittsford's diversity and the individuals who make this town a great place to reside.

Mission and Vision

To address issues of systemic racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Pittsford Community and Schools through action and dialogue. Elevate underrepresented voices and call for change that disrupts complacency with respect to equity, inclusion, individual and systemic racism and bias. We recognize the intersectionality of various forms of oppression and will work to address as it relates to racism and/or inclusion. While our work will be focused on Pittsford, we will collaborate with other organizations, both locally and nationally, to achieve our goals.


While many parents participate in both groups, we clarify that PittsfordSOARS is wholly independent from the Pittsford PTSA and more specifically the PTSA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, whose focus is in the active implementation the Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines as expressed by the National PTA. Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism is supportive of Pittsford CSD efforts to implement an inclusive school environment and our local PTA initiatives to implement National PTA guidelines. Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism acknowledges that any references to the PTSA or PCSD do not represent any endorsement of Pittsford Speaking Out Against Racism by those organizations in any way.